Top 10 Dishes

Top 10 Dishes

1 - Mango House Massala (Chicken Breast with marinated mince)

2 - Mango House Wrapper (A choice of meat with herbs in a light fried bread)

3 - Methi (A choice of meat or fish in rich fenugreek sauce)

4 - Jeera (A choice of meat or fish served with cumin seeds)

5 - Achari (Various Ingredients cooked in a medium to hot chilli sauce)

6 - Rezala (Rich sauce prepared with yogurt and chilli)

7 - Handhi (Medium based sauce cooked with tumeric and lemon)

8 - King Prawn Saagwalla (Spinach and garlic)

9 - Jalepeno Sauce (Hot to medium base cooked with fresh jalepeno)

10 - Honey Sauce (Light dish cooked with local honey)